Summer Look-book

Summer Look-book

Knots Lately I have been noticing "knots" or tie up pieces on shirts that I am LOVING. This trend gives the outfit a more fun laid back feel. Jean Skirt The jean skirt has made a come back this spring. While I haven't tried this look for myself yet, I do plan on purchasing one. [...]

Makeup Don’ts 

Everyone can admit to pitfalls in their makeup looks over the years. Whether it's a new trend gone wrong, or just not adequate lighting- it happens. BUT let's try to avoid these simple beauty hacks that are simply a no go! Over drawn eyebrows There is nothing more frustrating to me than a gorgeous girl [...]

Daytime Look

For the rushed/lazy girl inside me, there is always a need to have a simple every day look. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a decent price for quality makeup. Before I apply any foundation, I always use the Charlotte Tillbury Light Wonder Foundation. This is hardly a foundation, it is so light and [...]