20-something skin care routine

CLEAN I mean this one is a given. We have to clean our faces every night. I know, I know when you get home super late/tired/grumpy/hungry your first instinct is to just go bed. Your future self (especially you the next morning) will thank you for it.  Currently obsessing over the First aid beauty face cleanser because it cleanses without drying out my skin.


EXFOLIATE This step will be different for everyone. My advice is to exfoliate when you feel your skin needs it.

MOISTURIZE If you have skin on the drier side like me, then you know that moisturizing is no game- its a must. Tsubaki Swirl. Its a two-part gel & cream deep hydration moisturizer.  Normally with light weight moisturizer’s like this one, I find it lacks in the actual moisture part- but this one does the trick.  

EYE CREAM If you’re looking for something to give you extra moisture for under your eyes, this will do the trick. However, if you’re like me and looking for something more powerful regarding wrinkles/anti-aging, I would look elsewhere. I didn’t do my research before purchasing this, and while it is a fantastic product, it just doesn’t do much other than hydrate under the eye area. 

FACEMASKS For extra hydration my go to face mask is the Boscia Charcoal Pure Pudding. It leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. Its become part of my routine if I know I am going out and need a face of makeup on. Its may be sticky, thick and even have a funny smell but there is NOT another mask that leaves my skin like this one (and that says a lot because I am a face mask fanatic).

SUNSCREEN If there is one step out of all this that you must do, its sunscreen. The sun is so damaging to our skin and we need to protection. I can’t recommend this sunscreen enough. This one doesn’t leave a white overcast on your face making you look even more pale. Also leaves skin feeling hydrated. You need to get sunscreen like yesterday!

I can’t stress out the importance of skin care. The outcome of any makeup look relies on the health of your skin. Your skin is for life and its important to invest in it now. Like/follow and comment below! 

Yours truly, Jules

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