Summer Look-book


Image 2 of T-SHIRT WITH BOW from Zara

Lately I have been noticing “knots” or tie up pieces on shirts that I am LOVING. This trend gives the outfit a more fun laid back feel.

Jean Skirt

Button-Down Denim SkirtButton-Down Denim Skirt

The jean skirt has made a come back this spring. While I haven’t tried this look for myself yet, I do plan on purchasing one. This skirt is from Forever 21 and it does also come in the light wash.

Speaking of jean shorts, jean ANYTHING lately has been on my wish list. Jean shirts, tie ups, button ups you name it. If its jean I’ll most likely want it.


I have always had a love for stripes. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal I love them. They give any outfit a more sophisticated feel.


Porter Jumpsuit - Black/Wine

Off the shoulder

Contemporary Chiffon Top

While I do think this look is EVERYWHERE now, nonetheless I still think it’s very cute. I have always thought shoulders were the most underrated body part for girls and is always so attractive to flaunt.

Graphic Tee’s

T-Rex Graphic Ringer Tee

The Misfits Muscle Tee

The graphic tee look is me expanding my horizons when it comes to my wardrobe. I think when put it together properly, its very rocker-chic/retro. Not always my go to look, but it’s always good to change things up once in a while! On a side note: dinosaur obsessed

Floral Floral Floral

Image 8 of FLORAL PRINT BODYSUIT from Zara

Beauty Is Within Floral Romper - Blush

Floral prints just speak for themselves. They are always feminine and pretty.


Embroidered Sheer TopEmbroidered Sheer Top

Lace-Paneled Bodysuit

I AM SO HAPPY THIS IS A TREND. I have always felt my old soul shining through when lace would catch my eye. In my opinion it’s just so dainty and pretty. I am really looking forward to unleashing my inner grandma this summer.

Hope you guys like my “kind of style” comment below what you think and please follow!
Yours truly,


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