Makeup Don’ts 

Everyone can admit to pitfalls in their makeup looks over the years. Whether it’s a new trend gone wrong, or just not adequate lighting- it happens. BUT let’s try to avoid these simple beauty hacks that are simply a no go!

  1. Over drawn eyebrows


There is nothing more frustrating to me than a gorgeous girl who ruins her look with dark over drawn bold eyebrows. It is really the one thing that can take attention away from a pretty girl’s face. Ladies, natural looking brows are always the way to go. Work with the shape/colour you have, not against it.

2. Overdrawn lips


People… we can see where your lips start and end. Throwing on a lip liner isn’t going to change that. Lip liners are meant to do just that, line your lips. Not your skin around your lips. Avoid this-  or you’ll like ridiculous.

3. Face baking


I don’t care what anyone says, this method of makeup almost always looks “cakey” in real life. Using some powder to set your under eye is one thing, but clogging it on your face and letting it absorb just never ends up looking cute (on me anyways).




4. Crazy contours

Contouring is supposed to accentuate your features and add structure to your face. It’s not meant to be a harsh line down your cheek where orange meets beige. Being subtle is key, and less is always more.

Bottom Line: Don’t follow a trend because everyone is doing it. Make sure you look like you and feel comfrotable with it!

Yours truly,


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